“When you’re looking for a recording studio, there are three things you need to have: the latest recording equipment and software; comfortable surroundings to work in; and an experienced engineer who knows how to capture your sound and help you turn it into a professional recording. Bill Filer’s Audible Images studio has all of this, and more. Bill is a terrific engineer with years of experience, as well as a professional musician. He plays a mean electric guitar, which is another great resource to have when you’re in the studio. Maybe even more important, he’s a lot of fun to work with!

“Before I moved to State College I recorded in a number of studios in New York City and New Jersey, so I know a good studio when I find one. In the past few years I’ve recorded and produced dozens of tracks in Bill’s studio, and the results are always awesome.”
— Christopher Kent

(Chris invites you to check out some of the recordings he’s made working with Bill, available for listening and/or download at Chris’s website, www.christopherkent.com. Suggested tracks: Your Age is None of Your Business; Piece of the Puzzle; Snow Moon.)